April 20, 2009

Durban Poison - Baked Life's Strain Encyclopedia - Sativa

Durban Poison, the name alone is potent. The bud is a 100% Sativa from somewhere in South Africa. Most Sativas are from the South and Central Americas. The leaves of the bud reach out lengthily from the bud, each covered in a good amount of resin.

The leaves are dark and there are tufts of orange bunched between them. The nugs look as if they could be a really "hash-y" Indica, but they are pure Sativa. Many report that Durban smells like licorice. A sensory description that adds to the image of a seductive, exotic, bud.

The smoke isn't pungent or hard to inhale. It really fills your lungs though, and leaves a lingering burn. The kind that makes you cough so hard you wish you had a vaporizer. The high is excellent. It's a really extreme Sativa upper. It's not a light energy boost though, the high is like adding jet fuel to a bonfire, assuming your brain is the bon fire.

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