April 20, 2009

Diablo OG - Baked Life's Strain Encycolopedia - Indica

Diablo OG or Diablo OG Kush is a very potent but sneaky Indica. It's very popular among Indica enthusiasts because it's a good example of a premium grade Indica strain. It's tight buds contain a sticky center. Once it's ground you'll notice a strong spicy hash smell.

This is one of those types of weed where the name seems to be aimed at scaring off potential customers.

The Diablo OG nugs normally look like little pine cones, except their bright green. It's fun to watch the resin on the leaves burn away while smoking a bowl. The thick smoke is harsh, but it's also rich in hash flavor. The body high from this strain is very relaxing. The fool affect may take a bit to manifest, but this is definitely a down time, low activity smoke.

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