April 20, 2009

Cotton Candy - Baked Life's Strain Encycolopedia - Hybrid

This strain is named Cotton Candy, which is also called Cotton Candy Kush, the "kush" implying it's Indica lineage. Even though it's name proclaims it's Middle Eastern Heritage it has some characteristics of the Sativas from the Americas. That's the result of hybridization.

It's buds are sticky and resinous and it's short leaves are bright green. Bright orange hairs run over it's surface. The crystals aren't as apparent as in many pure Indicas. It has a sweet fruity smell to it that is more enticing than intoxicating.

Smoking Cotton Candy is like eating cotton candy, the taste will suprise you with how dead on it is. Well now it might not since your expectations are raised.

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