April 20, 2009

Cheese - Baked Life's Strain Encyclopedia - Indica

Cheese, the marijuana strain, has a simple name for the level of prestige and popularity it holds. Every true weed connoisseur will want to sample a bowl of Cheese weed some time in their pot smoking career. It is an Indica, that is extremely popular for it's renown potency.

Cheese smells like cheese and it looks like it too. No joke. This bud smells very much like cheese. The aroma arises from a blend of deep hash, sweet, and skunky chemical scents. The reason it's said to look like cheese is because the very light green leaves are covered with crystals that can make it look yellow. With addition of orange hairs you'll think you've been handed a chunk of pepper jack cheese (a very moldy chunk).

After tasting Cheese you'll be wondering if it really is a Indica. It doesn't look like one and it tastes sweet and light, rather than spicy or hash flavored. The true wow factor comes after you smoke it. Cheese gets you really high. You will be surprised at how faded you are. Not only are you basically immobilized, but your mind will begin to race. Cheese is worth the cheddar.

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