April 20, 2009

Cannalope Haze - Baked Life's Strain Encycolopedia - Sativa

One of the best Sativas smokes, Cannalope Haze is a guaranteed favorite. It is the counter part to Chocolate Thai, when the two are crossed together they yield the highly known and most satisfying Chocolope. The sativa strain cannalope is an enjoyable bud that meets the requirements for a great sativa weed.
It's a very dense weed with goldish-orange hairs and an amazing green weed. It's smell is a piny mango smell-and overall great aroma. the crystals of trichomes are generously spread about the nug. Under the microscope, the trichomes are a cloudy, upright shroom liking crystal.

When smoked, a spicy-pine taste is present. However, it is complimented with a great intake-a smooth weed to smoke, Cannalope Haze is.

The high is the key factor to any weed, and cannalope haze does not dissapoint. This sativa guarantees a great mind high, with a great energetic feeling. This weed wont give you that infamous frankenstein feeling, but the complete opposite-a productive,energetic sativa with a great mental affect, and a small amount of indica traits.

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