April 20, 2009

Blue Dream - Baked Life's Strain Encyclopedia - Hybrids

Blue Dream ( a Blueberry and Haze cross breed) is a good example of a strain that has been selectively bred to make the most of traits from both the indica and sativa varieties. People report that, like most indicas, it is an effective treatment for pain. But because of its high sativa component, Blue Dream does not have the sedative effects associated with a pure indica. This can be very useful for pain relief during the day. Blue Dream has a long lasting and consistent effect, and a pleasant taste.

"It did not take long for me to feel the effects of Blue Dream immediately after the first hit. The fist thing I felt was slightly overwhelmed as my head started to feel like it was floating away. I could not help but feel kind of uncomfortable, but I quickly felt my body relaxing as I took another hit." - marijuana reviews

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