April 20, 2009

Black Widow - Baked Life's Strain Encycolopedia - Hybrid

Black Widow is the close relative of the very famous and very potent White Widow. It's connection to such a high grade weed isn't it's only claim to fame, it stands on its own feet. The selective way in which Black Widow and it's cousin were grown, and the quality of their ancestors, is consistently successful in producing weed with large amounts of THC.

Widow comes from Brazilian and Indian bloodlines, or thclines, and it's genes bear witness of the benefits of mixed couples, and diverse hybridization. The bud smells strong, like a sweet, pine or ammonia blend. If you take a big wiff you may sneeze. It taste like pine, and the smoke is smooth.

The large amounts of Thc in this plant get you very high. It produces a body high, but also allows you to stay somewhat functional. This is definitely a down time smoke. Like after work, or before sleep.

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