April 20, 2009

Afgooey - Baked Life's Strain Encyclopedia - Hybrids

A very tasty and potent strain. She is a cross between Maui Haze and the original Afghani. The high kicks in strong and is very relaxing,perfect for unwinding from a stressful day of work,after some intense exercise or right before bed. This strain can lock you in your head but the 30% Sativa will keep you awake if you want to stay that way. A perfect example of a great Indica strain. High THC content,spicy,dreamy,and relaxing. This strain has a nice balance between all the Characteristics of a great Indica.

It gets the gooey part it's name for good reason. It's hard to break it up by hand, and hard to prepare it with a grinding tool. It's so sticky and dense that it just gums up the works. Once you're smoking it, the weed burns on the slow side, and you may need to or three hits to clear the bowl.

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