April 20, 2009

Baked Life's Cannabis Kitchen

"Cannabis Kitchen brings you a variety of cooking information. From how to cook with marijuana to "inspired" stoner recipe's."

Contributing Chefs:
Stoner Gourmand from stonerfood.net


Recipe Book

- Basic -

Marijuana Cooking Oil
Being able to make cooking oil infused with the active ingredients of marijuana is one of the most important techniques of cooking with cannabis.

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Marijuana Butter
Making weed butter is important if you want to learn how to make tasty weed treats. So here's a recipe for making good weed butter.
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- Drinks -

Marijuana Tea
Making marijuana tea seems like the most obvious thing in the world. It's a plant so why not just set a pot to boil and get high. See The Whole Recipe

- Munchies -

Weed Brownie Guide
There are so many recipe's for weed brownies. All you need to really remember is that the weed will be in the oil. So if you can make marijuana oil you can use any store bought brownie box.
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Frozen Waffle Sandwich by Chef Stoner Gourmand
I have a friend that eats frozen waffles still frozen, but despite the title, these are toasted frozen waffles. See The Whole Recipe

Toaster Pastry S'mores by Chef Stoner Gourmand

The sweet berry filling mixed with the the quality dark chocolate makes this unlike any S'mores that has come before it.
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