April 20, 2009

Aurora Indica - Baked Life's Strain Encyclopedia - Indica

There are a few Aurora's worth seeing, and Aurora Indica is definitely on that list (just under Aurora Borealis). It's sounds mystical but it's lineage is royal. This is a cross between the world famous and super popular Northern Lights strain and Afghan strain.

Not all of the buds are as beautiful as the one we have pictured here, but they are all potent. Aurora has medium to light green leaves. The buds also have clumps of lighter and darker purple, all mixed in with orange hairs. The colors are accented with a misty crystal cover.

Aurora is powerfully pungent. It smells like a very strong hash. It's taste is just a "pure Indica". It has a really dark tasting hash flavor to it. The flavor feels like it penetrates to the lungs, and any smoker will find that Aurora really clogs the lungs, forcing you to cough. The high is strong too. You're in for a definite and powerful couch lock. Though, depending on the grower the experience may be more or less intense.

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