February 7, 2009

Rosario Dawson

I was convinced that Seven Pounds, the movie, would be terrible. If you don't remember the title it's the one where the trailer included dramatic shots of Will Smith, but gave no clue as to the content of the film. If you can't remember the trailer... smoke more. Anyway, it's a good movie and a great film. Especially to those who know the difference between the two. Will Smith did an awesome job portraying an interesting/tragic character. While the movie provided evidence of Smith's acting abilities, it also allows another look at actress, Rosario Dawson.

I'd like to abruptly mention that Rosario Dawson's first movie was Kids. An appropriate start for an actress who has taken on such a wide variet of roles. Kids was a movie about summer, girls, HIV, and Drugs... Actually that's probably a terrible and obnoxiously vague description, but it get's the point across. It was an interesting role for a first time, 16 year old, actress.

She's Twenty Eight now, and she's been taking on more and more major roles. Still, this doesn't explain why she deserved an article, and in truth there isn't one. I just though she was brilliant, very beautiful, and capable of being a cool star.

If you know her, let her know I'd like to have lunch sometime. Or if you don't I'll have lunch with you. That's right I've gone so far off on this tangent that I will have lunch with anyone*, preferably Ms. Dawson. Anyway, go see the movie, Seven Pounds, and find out for yourself.

*I would not actually be trusting enough to have lunch with any of you, except for Rosario Dawson.

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