January 14, 2009

Marijuana Media: Weed Watch, Marijuana Radio

It's tough to find a good source of cannabis related news, information, and enertainment. This is the obvious exception. So I've looked around for some arijuana Media. For this post it's specifically weed radio and podcasts. Check out the list below.

Marijuana Radio was started with the the the legalization movement in mind, but has since then grown into much more. Now the "potcast" (har de har), covers a wide range of topics. The hosts Paul, Mckenna, Dank, are cool characters and have even cooler guests.

Weed Watch caries two shows, S.A.F.E.R. abd John Doe Radio (JDR). The two shows cover informative and entertaining topics. From Interviewing high level marijuana activists, to playing indie musicians. Weed Watch is a THC Media project. They're also behind Stoner Forums, which is an awesome contribution to the community. So check them out.

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