December 30, 2008

Top 10 Stoner Cities

10. Beijing, China: Of all the cities on this list Beijing has the strictest marijuana laws. The only reason it even made it on is because the police are so friendly to tourists. They won't bother you as long as you don't cause trouble. Prices: $25 for about 2 grams of hash.

9. New Delhi, India: India has long been a haven for those seeking a spiritual retreat, and Cannabis has long been a factor in their spirituality. The only reason marijuana is still illegal in New Delhi is because, like in a lot of countries, the U.S. is trying to dictate policy. The police here don't really care about marijuana offenses. The weed here is cheap, but it isn't very potent. Their hash is an excellent alternative and it's pretty low cost too. Prices: $2 for 10 grams of weed, $1 per gram of hash.

8. Berlin, Germany: It surprised me to find out that Germans were so cool about bud. As long as you have less than 10 grams the Berlin police won't give you any trouble. However, they don't take too kindly to dealers, so it may not be wise to carry around huge amounts of weed on your person. From weed to hash, the city can provide you a wide variety, for your smoking pleasure. Prices: $8 per gram.

7. Kingston, Jamaica: This list wouldn't be complete without a little Rastafarian flavor. The only reason Kingston didn't make a higher spot on the list is because the citizens have a bad habit of murdering people a little too frequently. That said, this a really chill place.When looking for bud just ask the rasta looking guys in the side of the street. Prices: $1.50 can get you 10 grams.

6. Denver, U.S.A: Denver was the first U.S. city to legalize marijuana. That's right I said weed is LEGAL in Denver. Well sort of. The city of Denver has declared marijuana legal, but the state of Colorado still holds it to be illegal, and they have the real authority. Nonetheless, Denver is highly weed friendly. All of the police are instructed to keep marijuana as the lowest possible priority. Prices: $50 for an eighth of an ounce.

5. London, United Kingdom: Ah the British. Despite Gordon Brown, their current Prime Minister, being willing to lie unabashedly about drug issues, they are very relaxed when it comes to marijuana. If your caught with small amounts of pot you'll receive no more than a warning. The only thing that really squashes their knickers is if yo've been driving while high, seriously don't do it. Prices: 20 euros or $30 for 1/8th.

4. Berkeley, California: My home town, and haven to the hippie, Berkeley is a young pot smokers paradise. The streets are paved with bud, counter culture, and music. Go to any of the parks or walk down any of the streets surrounding the university and you'll find stoners abound. Because medical marijuana was legalized in California, the cops there have eased of smokers in general. The last time I was in town I witnessed multiple people strolling down the street with a joint in their mouth. Prices: $50 for 1/8th.

3. Bogata, Columbia: Columbia has more weed than it knows what to do with, so they sell it to you to smoke. If you have less than an ounce then there's no problem. Anymore and you may have to pay a $10 bribe to smooth things over. The country is getting pressured from the U.S. to be anti-drug, but they've found cocain and weed to be too much fun. Prices: $3 per 1/8th.

2. Vancouver, Canada: I bet all you Degrassi watching Canadians though I forgot about you, never. Vancouver has recently risen in the ranks of stoner cities, thanks to the publicity from Marc Emery as well as their decriminalization. They have a huge variety of herb, and the stoner community is huge. They're North America's Amsterdam. Prices: $30 per 1/8th.

1. Amsterdam, The Netherlands: I hate being predictable but it was inevitable. Amsterdam is still the best Stoner City hands down. Being able to smoke without worrying about any possibility of cops is every toker's most sought after fantasy. Amsterdam delivers and more. It is no wonder they are host to the annual Cannabis Cup. I cannot tell you how I long for the day when I will walk into my first "coffee shop" and order up my a worry free gram Amsterdamian herb. $9 per gram.


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