December 16, 2008

Good Job George Bush

Unlike many cannabis lovers I like George Bush's drug policy, and I think he's done a great job in the War on Drugs. If you look at what's happened since he became president, it's been nothing but good for drug users of all sorts.

On a more serious note, there have been some recent stories highlighting Bush's War on Drugs. Our president has recently been bragging about some new statistics from a University of Michigan study. According to the study 4.8 percent fewer teens said that they had used illegal drugs since Bush took office. I'm shocked that any teens admitted to using drugs in the first place, but what's really funny about this study is what Bush isn't bragging about. Apparently 10 percent of students are using Vicodin and 4.7 percent are using Oxycontin.

That's ridiculous. You can't claim a drop in drug use and not include pharmaceuticals. These drugs are far more dangerous than marijuana, and can actually kill the teens. Parents should be begging there kids to smoke a joint instead of popping pills.

The other story that's fresh to the headlines is an update of a story I posted some time ago when Bolivian president Evo Morales kicked the DEA out of his country. At that time I reported that Bush had threaten consequences if Morales didn't capitulate. It appears the old man was serious. America has suspended all trade agreements with Bolivia. So far Morales has stood by his claim that DEA agents were undermining his authority.

There have been claims that Morales is connected to his countries cocaine producers, but if we believe that then Bush isn't the bad guy. And that just doesn't make sense.

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