December 18, 2008

Christmas Basket Give Away

This Christmas is a bleak one, but I plan to brighten it up.Thanks to some generous donations and some money from my own pocket you, my readers, have a chance to win a basket of stoner products (shown below). Most of which were featured on the previously posted Christmas Wish List for Stoners in a Recession.

All You have to do to enter is send a picture and your name and address to The picture must either be of one of your smoke sessions, or a marijuana, or baked life related wallpaper that you created.

The winner will be announced on Christmas Day.

This is all thanks to the contributers so here's a list of them and the products what products they have in the basket:

Reckless Tees
Tree Huuger Shirt, Tokin White Guy Shirt

420 science
420 scope, NUGS Jar

Grass: The Movie
Itunes Download

High Times
One Year Subscription

(Actually This one is all me)

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