November 14, 2008

The Wackness

Every now and then a movie comes along that allows me some much needed extrospection.The red line my computer is putting under "extrospection" is telling me that maybe I should supply a definition for that word; just think of it as the opposite of introspection. Anyway, The Wackness is one such film, it presents a very complete view of the world we live in from a tiny, but refreshing perspective.

Luke Shapiro, the film's star and weed dealer, has found himself at the end of his high school career and nothing to show for it. In the summer before he starts college he's desperate to find out that life's not going to. He manages to stumble through the months, getting kicked and kissed. It gets to the point where all he's sure of is that the it's only the extremes that are worth living in, everything else is just waiting.

The soundtrack to this tale of drugs, fucks, and emotive experiences, is alone worth seeing the movie for. You'll hear at least three of my favorites in this movie, including, Sigur Ros, A Tribe Called Quest, and Notorious BIG.

Check this film out, I'm serious as hell. There are very few good movies out there with drug content, and this is one is under appreciated.


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