November 6, 2008

San Francisco Stoner Raves About Smart Citizens

I'm on a craigslist kick, so here's another post I found from their best-of-craigslist archive.

This town and bong water, perfect together
Date: 2001-12-24, 6:19PM PST

The really interesting part about SF is the combination of tech-geek/geniuses and stoner/drug-user. Where I'm from, we smoked and then watch beevis and butthead marathons or up_in_smoke for about the 1000th time. On one occasion, we did create a bong out of an empty tennis ball cannister, a steel pen, and duct tape. We thought we were pretty brilliant and congratulated ourselves for about 2 or 3 days.

Also, people seem to be extremely well-researched here about recreational drug use. Back home, we just roll. Here, people are careful to preload with antioxidents, 5-HTP, b-6, and folic acid followed by a post-roll SSRI to prevent axon loss. Of course, that does nothing to prevent damage to the seratonin transport (or something similar) mechanism so it would best be wise to keep MDMA consumption to under 1mg/pound. All this was calmly explained to me by someone at a club whose pupils were so dilated that he looked like a caucasian that had just stepped out of a japanese cartoon. Oh, and he had just developed a new object-oriented programming language for creating multi-user web-enabled applications.

What exactly do you call a geeky slacker? Someone who does nothing all day but smoke and on occasion revolutionizes the field of optics by creating a new form of packet-switching technology?

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