November 14, 2008

Mirror's Edge

I meant to publish this post yesterday, but I was completely submerged in the fresh copy of Mirror's Edge I picked up. This blog is normally about drug related subjects, but I thought this game merited mention. Mirror's Edge is the most original game I've ever played, and that's the truth.

In the game you play as a character named faith, whose job as "runner" has her bounding through a slightly futuristic urban landscape. All of it is in an effort to save your sister from unjust incarceration (see this has aspects marijuana lovers can relate to). The game play simulates free running, also known as parkour, but also allows you to pick up and shoot the guns of the police you disable. The premise is simple and the execution is, quite frankly, beautiful.

After spending my day jumping off cranes, leaping from train to train, and doing all this while being chased by cops who just won't quit It's my duty to recommend this game. The game forces you to wake up and think, and that's what I love best about it, your never really resting, unless your taking the elevator to the roof. For all of you who are bored playing games where all you do is walk around and shoot people from different angles, and also don't want to spend hours developing an imaginary characters skill (though that too can be fun), this game is for you.

Well that's that, I'm going to go jump off some roofs.

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