November 3, 2008


It seems that more and more Japanese college students are discovering marijuana on their trip down subversion lane, and it is causing Japanese authorities to become flustered, as their country's cannabis culture is spilling into mainstream. Japan has seen a 50 percent in cannabis cultivation cases, and they believe that those numbers will continue to grow. In the haze of the current situation conservatives are calling for an increase to the laws that already penalize marijuana related offenders with almost ten years in prison; but some activists are trying to use the momentum to introduce medical marijuana policies.

Cannabis is not a new thing in Japan. In fact before the U.S. occupation and influence it was very well known in the country. The seeds were a staple of the society, and it's effects were praised and put into use by monks. The Japanese have an extensive relationship with marijuana but many are not even aware that the marijuana of today is the cannabis of their past.

The increase in marijuana use isn't just among college students. If you've seen recent news stories involving the Boradzov brothers, a Sumo Wrestling duo, and other stories involving middle class citizens, it's apparent this movement is for real.

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