November 18, 2008

Former Marijuana Party Leader Now Mayor

Marc Emery
Last night I asked Marc Emery for a comment on the results of his unsuccessful Vancouver mayoral race. Here's what he had to say:

For me, the great news of the night was seeing my friend and BC Marijuana Party Leader in the 2001 campaign, Brian Taylor, get elected Mayor of Grand Forks, BC, and medical marijuana activist Philippe Lucas elected to Victoria City Council.

I gave $500 each to both campaigns instead of my own, and am glad I did, because spending money on my campaign would have been a waste of money. I placed a far distant fourth, getting not even a 1,000 votes. The pot culture was behind the Vision Vancouver slate which elected Mayor Gregor Robertson, former MLA, and 9 of 10 Councillors. I have friends on City Council and any haters were voted out, so for me, it might be a helpful result too.

Brian Taylor

Thanks in part to Emery's pioneering work, last night was a success for the marijuana policy reform movement.

I've ripped this story shamelessly from Western Standard, and I don't care who knows it. Which is evident by this disclaimer. Anyway it appears the stigma is lifting from marijuana. If the former Marijuana Party leader can be elected mayor it shows that fewer and fewer people are buying in to the lies about cannabis these days.

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