November 15, 2008

Evil Bong

No this is not a post about Satan's bong, that subject matter would involve Tenacious D's The Pick Of Destiny. I just wanted to share another stoner flick with you all. I saw Evil Bong about a year ago and even though it's riddled with weed content, including the world renown Tommy Chong, it's a film that's a little too freaky to watch while actually baked, unless of course your a pro.

This movie is crazy, ridiculous, and kind of stupid, but that seems a prerequisite for a Tommy Chong joint. Pun intended. Evil Bong is about a bong, duh, that's possessed by an evil spirit that traps you in a world with all your greatest pleasures. Well actually it doesn't sound all that bad now that I think more clearly about it. The main actors are all roommates, and when the ring leader gets his new bong in the mail it's not quite what they expected.

To be completely honest the movie is a joke. It's poorly made and everything about is a little shady. However, it holds together as a film and is fun to watch the first time around. So break out the bong next Halloween and treat your friends to scary the Baked Life way.

Never mind don't waste a Halloween on this flick, just watch it on the next Friday the thirteenth.

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