November 4, 2008

Catholic Preist and Drug Counselor Caught With Pot

In Charleston, West Virginia a Catholic Priest and his friend, a former anti-drug counselor, were caught with a massive amount of marijuana. There is not a duo in the world that would be less likely to be caught smoking weed, except perhaps a pair of asthmatics. The two were only charged with a misdemeanor despite the copious amount of pot they had been in possession of because their was no evidence that they were going to attempt to distribute their marijuana. Authorities believed that the two planned to smoke it all themselves.

James Edward O'Connor, 58, and Michael Joseph Deegan, 59, should both be somewhat ashamed of themselves. They are both too old to be caught with pot. You'd think at that age they'd have enough experience to create a truly secret stash.

Marijuana laws are proving themselves more and more ridiculous by the day. The idea that the government is allowed to restrict our freedoms without supply any reason should be appalling.

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