September 4, 2008

Gordon Brown Lies a Little

I have to be honest, I was a little happy when I heard this story. It let me know that it's not only America that's struggling with leaders who are willing to lie about marijuana. I now know that I have comrades in Britain suffering under the same yoke of injustice that we are over hear.

Brown is currently undergoing a campaign to strengthen the penalties on marijuana users. As of now pot smokers only get a verbal warning in the motherland. In his fervor he told a British news source that the marijuana on the streets today is "of a lethal quality". That statement is just silly. The amount of THC necessary for a person to overdose, is of such an enormous quantity that I dare not even attempt to fit the actual number on this blog.

Actually I don't remember the number. If you do send me an email. Anyway it's good to know this fight isn't just national.

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