September 5, 2008

Federal Agents Bust Up Chocolate Factory

Michael Martin was sentenced to five years of probation after federal agents busted into his candy factory. Of course since this is the marijuana blog it's not just a regular candy factory. Michael Martin, the Willy Wonka of our era, was the founder of Tainted Inc, a manufacturer of marijuana infused goodies.

I have to be honest, this seriously pissed me off. Federal agents busted into his factory in Oakland which was being operated according to the laws of his state. This is fuckin ridiculous. I think most of my anger comes from the thought of never being able to try his products.

Tainted Inc. put out products that parodied popular treats. The had names like, Buddafinga (Butterfinger), Nugrageous (Nutrageous), Baby Jane (Baby Ruth), Stoners (Snickers), and more. Damn Federal bastards.

This is getting sad. Our taxes are going to these guys so they can bust up candy factories. CANDY FACTORIES!!!! There are people dying without health care that our country can't afford to provide. Would they rather people bought weed from dealers connected to and supplied by the criminal element. It's fuckin' candy.

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