September 2, 2008

Bongs of the day 9-2

Everyone knows about glass, acrylic, and ceramic bongs. Those three are the main centerpieces of the average potheads weedtable. Before I continue I should explain for all you less fortunate what a weed table is. For any pot smoker not living at home a weedtable is common knowledge.

After you move out your this special table becomes the center of your marijuana related life. On it usually sits a copy of High Times magazine, a bong, a couple of pipes, an ash tray, a hemp coaster, and some lighters and screens. Some people also make the mistake of putting their weed on the table, that's a mistake, unless you don't mind your roommates smoke your stuff without you. Now you see a weedtable is just a coffee table with stoner objects on it.

Anyway back to my point. Now that bamboo bongs are rising in popularity it would be a great time to snag one for your table. Well that's all really.

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