September 15, 2008

420 Science

For a lot of you out there when your dealer hands you the goods you hastily shove it in your pocket and shell out the cash. Then when you get home you stash your weed in something on the level of an Altoids box or maybe Tupperware. Well for all of you who are tired of your mediocre association to the pot you smoke, I've got a dazzling new solution. has some little things to help you take your passion for marijuana to the next level. Instead of trusting the quality of weed given to you by whoever answered your 10pm call for ganja, you can check it's quality in the spot. The 420 scope gives you a lighted 60-100X magnification of whatever nug you stick under it. You whip this out in front of your dealer and he'll be so impressed he'll make sure to give you this top quality product.

420 science also has a few other products that are equally as awesome. Their series of Strain and classic jars are the coolest ways to store your chronic. Then there's also the pipe wipes. Unlike alcohol weed doesn't kill all bacteria, so when you pass that bong or pipe your passing your germs too. Buy a pack of wipes and keep your shit clean.

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