August 13, 2008

Great Pot Brownie Recipie

A guide to making really great pot brownies.

Before we get into it...
There are a few people to thank who have helped me perfect this recipe. They can rest assured that their names WILL NOT be mentioned here! You all know who you are.
While designing this web site I surfed the web to find what other brownie web sites were out there and how the recipes compared. I've broken down many of the subtle differences in cooking philosophies into two major categories: cooking oil vs. butter and whether to strain the shake out before adding it to the brownie mix or not.
Some discussion...
The store-bought brownie mix that I use calls for cooking oil. I've found that oil is much easier to work with than butter because butter will burn much more quickly than oil. This makes extracting the THC in butter a real pain. I've heard various arguments for butter but the bottom line is oil will not burn as quickly.
The next point I would argue is the most important part of the process: To strain or not to strain the cooked shake from the oil. I've read (and sampled) recipes prepared either way. It's really gross biting into a tasty brownie and getting little bits of shake in your mouth. If you properly extracted the THC out of your shake and into the oil you don't need the shake anymore anyway. It's just a mouthful of chopped grass. Bottom line: STRAIN!
One other point I should address is the quality (and quantity) of the cannabis used in the recipe. Most of the recipes I have seen call for A LOT (sometimes more than an ounce!) of weed usually consisting of "shake" or "clippings" or "trimmings". This recipe calls for around 5 grams of "the good stuff". If you follow this recipe with the recommended amount of ganja you will get a yield of 32 servings/pieces/doses. Not bad!
Okay, on with the show!


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