August 22, 2008

Bong Vodka

Yes, these drinks are actually called Bong Vodka, it's not just another clever name I made up. The makers of this innovative spirit refer to themselves as contemporary artists. And since the drink's international release on April 20th, it has been hailed as a juxtaposition of art, culture, and alcohol.

Since I was denied the free sample I begged for I cannot attest to the actual quality of the vodka. To be honest, after begging to no avail, I'm not even sure if the drink is anything more than a regular vodka in an interesting bottle. To check out the force behind and surrounding Bong Vodka and Bong Spirit Import Company check out and Interestingly the company doesn't seem to seek any outright association with Marijuana culture. But do they really need to try?

Drink up...

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