July 23, 2013

Why Zig Zags are Not Awesome For You

It's the 21st Century -- shouldn't your rolling papers catch up?!
If you know someone who smokes Zig Zag rolling papers religiously, that person is most likely a total noob, an old hippie who's been smoking forever, or has no taste. We're not saying Zig Zags aren't okay in a pinch, it's just that there is a big wide world of smoking papers out there for you to try!
If you're a Zig Zag addict, here are three good reasons they're just not that great for you.
1. There are lots of unknown & downright toxic materials on the ingredient list.
Bleach? Wood pulp? YUCK! We know that lots of you like to burn trees, but inhaling the equivalent of campfire smoke is not what that saying is supposed to mean!
Bleach, wood, flax, and secret ingredients they won't tell us about lead to bad taste and harsh burn. It actually disturbs us that this brand is even allowed to be sold in dispensaries to card-carrying sick people!
Apparently the good folks over at RollingPaperDepot.com have a cool promo going on that never expires. Just email the name, birthday, & shipping info of yourself or someone you know who is a staunch Zig Zag supporter. Rolling Paper Depot will then send you an alternative rolling paper with a coupon to save on your next purchase with them if you make the switch. No funny business. (But they limit it to 1 freebie per customer only so they can stay in business to keep rollin' out smokes economically and discreetly forever!)
2. You're spending way too much.
At an average of 2 bucks a pack (on RollingPaperDepot.com at least; your local corner store or gas station is more expensive!), you can do so much better. Trust us. Skunk Brand rolling papers, for example, are an underrated, pure hemp alternative that burn and taste clean. And at a buck and a half per pack (approximately), they won't break your bank.
3. You're supporting bullies.
The parent company of Zig Zag, Top, and Bugler has a huge lobbying arm in bed with the federal government. Because they can't or just plain don't want to improve their product, they are actively trying to get legislation passed that bans anything other than their old, bleached white rolling papers. Geez, what happened to the free market the good ol' USA is famous for?!
In fact, just about the only thing Zig Zag might have gotten right is their glue. They got a glue strip that just won't quit. But, hey…if your new papers aren't sticking like they should, this all-natural, vegan plant-based rolling glue should fix you right up.
If you're ready to make the switch, be sure to look for a single-ingredient, unbleached smoking product. And if you have anything to add on this subject, please contribute in the comments section below!

January 30, 2013

Who Said Stoners Don't Have Good Style?

Guest post by Neil Antin of Stoner Couture

In July 2011, I launched Stoner Couture. It’s funny how the name came to me.

I was sitting at home smoking a bowl reading some story about JWoW from Jersey Shore and her new venture Filthy Couture and thought wow that’s a cool name. And minutes later I was logged onto Godaddy.com and checked out StonerCouture.com which had not been registered. So I bought the domain for $11.95 and then called a good friend to tell him about the new venture. He was impressed and offered to hook my up with a graphics artist to help design logos for Stoner Couture.

We came up with our initial designs and then I set out to find apparel vendors. Boy what a nightmare but I finally found a great silk screener and started working with them to produce our first line of apparel. Family Industries in Los Angeles do great work. Alex and Max run the place and are efficient, easy to work with and super friendly guys.

Family Industries referred me to FlexFit for hats and beanies. FlexFit has great head-wear and their embroidery services and selections are amazing.

WOW… I had no idea how involved it is to launch a clothing brand. I was originally going to launch a t-shirt line for guys but quickly realized that guys don’t buy clothes. Well some do but clearly not enough to support a line of apparel for stoners. So I consulted with a few gal pals of mine and came up with a cute and sustainable line of apparel for men and women.

We launched StonerCouture.com in September 2011 to coincide with the International Hemp and Cannabis Festival in Oakland, CA.  I had secured a vendors booth to sell apparel and we really well. People from all walks of life, male and female, young and old bought our apparel. Earlier that year I secured a vendors booth at Cannabis Cup in San Francisco and did very well there. We had a great time at both events and met tons of cool people.

After launching the web site I soon realized I needed ongoing web maintenance, ongoing graphics and art work design not to mention marketing and advertising. WOW, another huge hurdle to tackle and one that is labor and dollar driven. Not having the resources to put into marketing StonerCouture.com I started looking for alternative ways to find those services. I found a great girl living in Seattle who was in the MMJ industry promoting her own company 2kindustries.net and had marketing, web development and graphics expertise. Mayan Gordon and I are now partners in StonerCouture.com and we’re launching Emerald Fields an exclusive line of hemp based skin care products and gourmet blends of hemp coffees, cocoas and granolas.

Stoner Couture supports the drive to legalize marijuana in the USA. We’re delighted to see Colorado and Washington State vote for recreational use and more and more states are either looking into or working out initiatives to legalize marijuana in some form.
Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think marijuana would get to this stage.

We offer wholesale prices and drop shipping to the trade and we’re in the process of creating new designs for the 2013 season. We’re also planning on attending a bunch of MMJ shows in 2013 and we look forward to seeing you on the marijuana trail. Peace.

My family has been very helpful in helping me launch the Stoner Couture brand. My sister, Robin Antin (who owns the Pussy cat Dolls), recently produced our last photo shoot and my two brothers, Steven Antin (who wrote and directed BURLESQUE starring Cher and Christina Aguilera) and Jonathan (star of Blow Out), are big supporters. My father is a very talented graphics artist and helped me design all of the original Stoner Couture logos. So it’s been a family affair from the get go...

August 21, 2012

Bob Marley Movie Now Out on DVD!

Not all pot connoisseurs enjoy reggae music. But for many, however, there is something magical about the connection between Bob Marley's message of peace and love delivered through reggae and the therapeutic effects of fine cannabis. 

We don't want to give anything away, so you're safe to keep reading. 

Marley takes viewers on a biographical odyssey through the life and times of (arguably) reggae and Jamaica's greatest legend. Fans of Marley's music are enlightened to the singer's ancestral roots, childhood, Jamaican politics, and battle with ultimately life claiming cancer. 

The movie is executive produced by Ziggy Marley, Bob's oldest son. Ziggy does a good job to offer perspectives on his father's life through the eyes of many of the older Marley's eight lovers and 13 children. Bob's contemporary musicians as well as past and present members of the Wailers also weigh in and pay homage to their parted comrade. 

For even the most diehard Marley fan, this documentary should pleasantly surprise with its depth and breadth of the introspective of the life of the reggae star. The film was on limited release in theaters, which means the venues were invariably artistic relics of historic cinema and lent an old world charm to the experience. I was accompanied by two old souls who could appreciate timeless musical talent regardless of genre as well as peaceful, loving vibrations of kindred spirits. I left with a feeling of appreciation the man, the human, the hero that was Robert Nesta Marley. 

If you're interested in a good story featuring a charismatic being, Marley is definitely worth your time to watch!

July 25, 2012

The K.I.S.S. Method to Growing

Here's an article by our buddies at The Grow Corner!

The K.I.S.S. thing might be a bit of an internet cliche by now but it really cannot be overstated in regards to growing. For a new grower things can become overwhelming between the new lingo, the different techniques, and trying to sort out where to get sound information. Not to worry though, the K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid) method is going to make life easier, so let's simplify things...

If you're a new grower you have decisions to make, ones you may not understand just yet, ones that really only make sense once you've seen the big picture. Looking for information online can be a great resource if you are looking in the right place, but you also must realize that a lot of information regarding a decision someone else made was made under different circumstances than your own. What works for some may not work for you. There are a few questions you need to ask yourself before you go out and buy any growing supplies or equipment, and the answers to each greatly affect your decisions.

How big is your grow room going to be? That's the big one really, size limits options. If you have a 10x10 area than your options are fairly open but if you have a 3x3 area all of a sudden you have fewer things to decide between...nice for the indecisive growers :P The equipment (ie lights, fans, containers, etc) you buy all depends on how big your room will be, so before you rush out and buy anything you need to make this one decision.

In the name of K.I.S.S. the rest will be kept simple, stupid :P You decided how big your grow room will be, now it's time to pimp it out with some new equipment. I don't want to over simplify but this will be a good jumping point for a beginner. Lighting is the next big decision, which of course has been made easier by your last decision, and here's how...as a general rule of thumb you want to have 50+ watts per square foot of space in your flowering room, so instead of deciding how much light you need you'll just measure the square footage in the grow room and multiply by 50. For an example we'll say you have 15 sq ft in the grow room, 15x50w is 750w, which gives you a rough idea of how much light you'd want. There are different types of lights too, but again we're keeping it simple, and to do that I'm gonna boil it down to HIDs being the better choice, HPS more specifically. In a small space HID may not always be the best choice, but in your average small closet/large cabinet grow HIDs reign supreme. LEDs are also making up ground these days but with the price tag they carry I wouldn't recommend them to new growers.

Hydro or soil? This one is all up to you, it's impossible to label one better than the other, they both have their own advantages. Price wise soil would be easier to start with as it requires less of an initial investment, but the investment in hydro equipment comes with faster growth. This is where browsing forums for examples is great, see some grows in action and decide what might work best for you. Just reading sometimes won't answer specific questions that come up, so ask, the people using the equipment will be able to help, an experienced opinion is sometimes better than any online review. Your nutrients can depend on your growing style to an extent, organics is an obvious example, otherwise there are a lot of fine two part mixes out there. Feeding your plants can be a lot more complicated than this, but again we're keeping it simple, start with the basics.

For a new growers there are really only a few absolute essentials, the room, the lights, nutrients, and something to grow in. So far you've got your room, figured out how much light you need, are browsing around for examples of different grow techniques to help you pick one, and maybe googling different two part nutrient mixes. So all you really have left to do in our simplified hypothetical future grow room is the small things that make it all come together, reflective material, containers, maybe a fan or two. The result should be a minimalistic, yet working grow. From there you'll start to see the bigger picture more clearly, and using the K.I.S.S. method you won't regret buying a whole bunch of equipment you didn't need 

So where do you go from here? Online forums can be a great resource, as a long time participant of different forums and administrator of TheGrowCorner.com, I can say with confidence that if you find the right site you will be flooded with more experienced growers and information than you could find anywhere else. Apart from reading material experience is the best teacher, after a little practice you'll be growing with the pros.

July 12, 2012

Rolling a Cross Joint with Master Bong

Ever wanted to learn how to roll the famous cross-joint from the popular stoner movie Pineapple Express? Though the concept has been around long before the movie came along, it definitely popularized the idea. 

Basically, a cross joint is a "t-shaped" or cross-shaped joint that uses two joints put together in one. There are a couple variations of the roll, including using more than one cross or the cross-blunt! Either way, you're going to get a heavy amount of smoke from any of them -- if they are rolled correctly! 

Get all the tools and rolling papers you need to roll this masterpiece at RollingPaperDepot.com.

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